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Fluence Accounting stands out as an ERP solution designed specifically for Small and Medium Businesses, offering a comprehensive accounting package for efficient day-to-day financial management. This all-encompassing system encompasses features such as Accounting, Inventory Management, Purchase and Sales Management, Payroll, Fixed Assets, Bank Reconciliation, and Project Management.

Our commitment extends beyond just providing the software. We offer a holistic approach with free end-to-end support and training, inclusive of financial consultations. Notably, there are no implementation charges for the first five user accounts. We aim to empower businesses to operate independently by guiding them through the setup process, and our on-call support is readily available in the Dubai/UAE and Bahrain.

  • Anticipate

    Emerging Technologies

    We are spreading our wings across the IT industry, providing high end Accounting and ERP Solutions, integrated with multiple modules including Sales Purchases Inventory, CRM, Tax, HR, Bank Reconciliation and many more. We aggressively invest and continuously anticipate emerging technologies to establish revolutionary standards in the global financial industry.

  • Our core values are

    Rich Featured and integrated solutions

    How we conduct our business is just as important as what we do. Our core values are the principles that guide as daily in helping our customers achieve business goals. All time we strive to maintain as an admired multinational and trusted brand of Software Company that offers quality products and services.

  • Security Policy

    Communications and documents shared through this services is strictly restricted to the authenticated parties and takes place within the frameworks with no security issues in this two way and shaking processes.